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     Several of our doctors and technicians participate in events to help out the community and animals not only locally but around the world.  Some of the events include:


Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association Field Services trips. On these trips free veterinary services  are brought to underserved rural communities where poverty and geographic isolation make regular veterinary care inaccessible.  These areas include Native American reservations throughout the United States, in rural Appalachian counties and remote villages in Latin America.

VIDAS trips. On these trips free clinics are set up in some of the fastest growing and poorest areas in the world.  The focus is safe sterilization, vaccination and parasite control for the animals and education for the people about safe animal handling, zoonotic disease and general animal husbandry and health care.

Spay Day and the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.  Low cost spays and neuters are offerred to low income families in the community.

MS150 Bike Ride.  This is a 150 mile team bike ride to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis.