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Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency Hospital<br />
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Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency Hospital

What To Do In An Emergency
Accidental injury or wound
Difficulty breathing
Allergic reaction or hives
Bite wounds
Blue tongue (unless normal for breed)
Bloasted, swollen, painful abdomen-with or without vomiting
Can't urinate/defecate
Extreme weakness
>103 degree F temperature
Labor contractions longer than an hour, or >15 mins with fetus or membrane showing
Loss of balance or consciousness
Sudden blindness
Severe or continuous pain
Gasping or heavy panting
Bloody urine/stool

  • Don't panic. Focus on the moment.
  • A pet in pain may bite; wrap your pet in a blanket.
  • Transport in a kennel or cage if possible. If not, place the animal on the floor of your vehicle.
  • Apply direct pressure to any bleeding.
  • If you suspect poisoning, call 970-484-8080 immediately. Bring product and packaging.
  • Do not force your pet to vomit. Every poisoning case is different and requires professional assessment. Vomiting may make things worse.
  • If you suspect a back or neck injury, put your pet on a flat surface and transport the pet on it.
  • Let us know you're on the way. Call 970-484-8080 and describe the situation. Keep your personal safety in mind.

Veterinary Emergency Hospital
816 S. Lemay
Fort Collins, CO 80524