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Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency Hospital<br />
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Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency Hospital
Click on a veterinarian's name below their picture to learn more information about them.

     Dr. Jon Geller, DVM         Dr. Julie Lenoch, DVM            Dr. Kelly Romero, DVM          Dr. Robin Van Metre, VMD 


  Dr. Bonnie Wright, DVM, DACVA            Dr. Ted Mika, DVM              Dr. Megan Seekins, DVM
You may also see different faces from time to time. These are our Relief Veterinarians. They are experienced veterinarians that may help out at several other veterinary clinics as well. Some of the Relief Veterinarians you may see include:
Dr. Gwen Lombard, DVM
Dr. Amber Dove, DVM
Dr. Sue Donahue, DVM
Dr. Kevin Castle, DVM      
Dr. Ryan Wonderlich, DVM
Dr. Russ Fugazzi, DVM                                                                     

Veterinary Emergency Hospital
816 S. Lemay
Fort Collins, CO 80524